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Brighten Up Life With These Daily Happy Moments

Brighten Up Life With These Daily Happy Moments

Everyone wants to be happy and even if you think you’re happy, you want to be happier. Of course, happiness feels differently for different people. That is why I think self-discovery is so important. We learn to understand and be aware of what makes us happy.

When I was younger, I tried to mimic the things that made other people happy, such as going out to shopping for the expensive stuff, enjoying fancy restaurant, getting dressed up or holiday for a dream vacation in a cool place. Sure they're cool experiences but what about the everyday stuff?

You don’t always need huge things to make you feel better about life. In fact, I realize that it is the everyday experience that makes me truly happy.

Happiness can also be found in the small things of a regular day and learn to appreciate the moment we are in. Focus on positive things rather the things the weigh us down.

These are my little happiness moments that brighten up my life immediately:

#1. Just hanging out with my husband and my daughter

#2. Take my 2-minute laugh break.

Revisit my favorite video just instantly cheer me up. I have watched this for many years, but this video on Japanese learn English never failed to crack me up each time I watched it. Particularly on the part where he learns to count until 20. Hillarious.

#3. Watching my favorite movie over and over again.

This old movie “Sabrina Fair” played by Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford just gives me fuzzy feeling each time I watched it. I can't remember how many times I have watched it.

#4. Spending quality time with my best friend.

Whether we meet up for a long catch up or mindless chat,  meeting my best friend always boost my mood.


#5. Listening to a really beautiful singing that moves you to tears

Some music just deeply touched your soul. I could listen to it every day. It almost feels like spiritual.

#6. Write a blog post and hit "Publish" button.

Finding the time in the midst of hectic life to write a blog post is a luxury. But it's therapeutic because it is my "me" time between only me and my little world. The joy of finally having the courage to hit the "publish" button is exhilarating.

#7. Afternoon nap when everybody is not at home

Every sleep deprived mother will know how pleasurable it is to be able to nap without getting disturbed. 

#8. Making a wish on a dandelion

#9. When I had my healthy fruits for tea time


#10. Sampling at an ice cream shop

This is my favorite part before eating my ice cream - free sample time. I love it when I was greeted with "what would you like to taste?".

#11. Laughing at the old picture of each other.

I had this really old picture that my siblings will immediate crack in laughter whenever they see it. I didn’t like my chubby cheek then, so I draw my face to make it smaller. And no..I am not going to mortify myself by posting the picture here.

#12. After a fresh new haircut

The aftermaths of the hair cut are an emotional roller coaster ride. You might miss your old longer hair but most of the time I feel totally jazzed with it and thrilled how chic and cool I look after that. 

#13. Reading a book on the lazy chair.

My daughter definitely pick up this habit from me..lol

My daughter definitely pick up this habit from me..lol

#14. Spending time in nature


#15. A day out with a camera


#16. Watching the sky from the hammock


#17. Climbing under freshly cleaned bed

That feeling you get when you are sleeping in a freshly cleaned made bed make you feel so great. 

#18. A Great Spa


#19. A free day with nothing to do


#20. Designing your own invitation


“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

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