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5 Life Lessons I Learn from My Child About the Beauty of Life

5 Life Lessons I Learn from My Child About the Beauty of Life

I was a very impatient person, I think I still am. But having a child has helped me to understand the art of slowing down our life and enjoy the beauty of it.

Here are 5 things she does that makes me understand the beauty of life

She Put Her Books on Display

Her favorite outing place is a bookshop. Perhaps she saw how they display the book and when she got her new bunk bed with the bookshelf, she will display her book with the front cover facing forward.

Then she will change them in a few days. Each time she comes home from school, she will quickly go to her room and admire the books that she has and start to pick one of them and read it.

She Enjoys Slowing Her Routine Down

When she gets into primary school, she has one of her favorite subject “Stellar Handwriting” where she has to slowly write the words beautifully. She can spend hours and hours to write slowly and beautifully and admire her work after that.

When we plan for her birthday party, she asked me if she can write all her birthday invitations and send to her friends. So instead of sending electronic cards like we all used to, she spent many days writing her birthday invitation card slowly in her study desk.

She really enjoys going out with me to the post office, purchase the stamp and put in the cards in the mailbox. It is something most of us do not do anymore, particularly in the fast pace like our country in Singapore.

So I tried what she does, I write bank transfer slip very slowly and “nicely” in the bank and admire my beautiful handwriting after that.

I fold clothes neatly and slowly. I cut the vegetable and meatball slowly and even try to carve it with a knife to form some cute shape.

Instead of keeping scolding her for eating her food so slowly, I try to eat slower and enjoy every bite that I put into my mouth.

Those boring routines become a very conscious exercise after for a while. It makes life richer and the lost time amounts to just a few second.

She Gets Lost in Time When Playing

I am very conscious of time, I want to get everything done earlier if possible.

As a mom, I am also a queen of multitasking. I can cook and write a blog at the same time. I can iron the clothes and check my phone simultaneously. I teach my daughter, her homework and read my book at the same time.

That creates a lot of pressure for myself and people around me. When my daughter does something she loves, she will totally be absorbed by it. She lost the sense of time when she draws and color in her drawing block, read her favorite book or play with her toys.

So I learn to take my watch off. Although it's very hard I tried to practice doing things in “time free window”. I get lost in time when I read my favorite book or when I spent time writing my blog.

Although I know it’s a luxury for a mom to work without a clock, but when I tried it, I feel the activity is very therapeutic. I am no longer ruled by time and I decided for myself how to allocate my time. It gives me a sense of so much freedom. I feel rested.

She Spends Longer Time Looking

My husband thinks my daughter has a super eye. She can always find things that go missing while we all look for it. The fact is she is just observant and spent a longer time looking at everything she comes across.

She can find her favorite flower at the corner of the wall and scream excitedly. She can see the insect crawling on the car while we all miss it. She spent time looking at all signboard and read it slowly.

I remember when I was on a business trip to the US and we took the chance to go Las Vegas during one day holiday. It was a mad rush to see one place to another. I can hardly remember if I really enjoyed that trip.

You see, our day races past us without our really being aware of it. We spent only a fraction of a second looking at everything that we encounter. We always said that the world is going faster, while the fact is maybe we are the one who perceived it faster.

I learn from my daughter to take the time to observe things. It helps us to appreciate our zest for life and the quality of our life.

She Use Simple Way to Motivate Herself

My daughter has a really funny habit of crossing her calendar. Initially, she did it because she wants to know what day is it by looking at the cross of her calendar.

Slowly, she would write down what she wanted to do on the calendar each day and enjoy crossing her calendar after she comes back from school. And she told me she felt very happy when she saw all the crosses that she makes.

It is visual and simple for a young mind like her. I tried to do it for my goal as well. I wrote down on the calendar what I wanted to do on that day and cross it.

Looking at those crosses in the calendar motivates me rather than making a big goal and feeling frustrated that I might never get there.

I wrote down what I wanted to do on that day such as writing my blog post, interview people, learning my photography, study different type of social media marketing, content marketing, or even my weekly ironing and cooking.

It feels really good to see all these crosses in my calendar and I feel bad for breaking the chain.

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