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Five Simple Secrets to Uncover Your Dream

Five Simple Secrets to Uncover Your Dream

What happens if you don't know what your dreams are?

Have you ever felt as though you were facing unbelievable odds in pursuing your dream? The odds that taken over your thoughts and make you believe that you can never be succeed

Many of us cannot even begin to describe our dreams, much less figure out how to bring them to fruition in the face of frustrating obstacles, distractions, and setbacks.

The fact is everyone dreams. We all dream of a life that matters. It could be studied in overseas, find true love and meet a life partner, buy a house, run a marathon, write a book, set up a non-profit organization, etc. We have a desire to make a difference but often don't know how.

As we get older, realities of life adjust our dream, usually downsizing them.


Dream Stealers

A dream can be stolen from us because of the negative thoughts, disruptive suggestions, or just distracting ideas that planted into our brain.

Dream stealers are everywhere: our daily thoughts, fears of the future, past wounds, through our friend's comments, enemy's accusations, and the mockery of others who don't understand us.

Then we embrace those though and it becomes self-talk.

Essentially we allow those things that we hear and fear to grow in our mind and become words that we speak, words that we believe.

The dream thieves we encounter along the way not only can steal our dream but also can convince us that we don't deserve to dream at all.

The guilt from the mistake we've made in the past, shame because of the judgment made about us, or disqualifying assessment about our-self become dream thieves.

And instead of keep dreaming, we replace it with negative thoughts, discouragement and continual reruns of the past failures.

They steal your dream and inspiration by magnifying your obstacles. We allow these thieves to become bigger than they really are, they lock up our dreams tight.

Then we become emotionally and spiritually paralyzed. We ended up doing nothing.

In order to fight these thieves, we need to understand how they break into our dreams. By doing that we discover this truth: What we focus on, we magnify and energized.

Here Are Five Things You Can Do To Uncover Your Dream:

Use Other People's Success As The Source of The Inspiration

I was so inspired to hear a sharing from one of the business leader in our retreat about how he managed to move to US, graduated from university and worked full time while supporting his study there.

I shared with him that I had the same dream. He looked at me in my eyes and said: “then go for it Anna, keep your dream”.

3 years later, I moved to Australia on my own, graduated from master degree while working full time to support myself.

Do not underestimate the power of people who can inspire you and move you to take action that you need.

Choose the Right Friends and Share Your Dream with Them

One of the most challenging life skill is the ability to choose the right people to help us unlock our dreams. You need to talk to people who can inspire you, believe in you and your dream.

We need friends we can trust who will help us, be honest with us, encourage us and challenge us.

The people who believe in you will boost you up when you are down, keep you motivated and inspired, and put you in touch with the right people when you need it most.

These are the types of friends you will need:

A.  The friends who make you a better person

B.  The friends who inspire you to keep going

Practice Gratitude

When dream thieves come into our mind, we have a choice in how we respond.

We can wallow in the dark side, allow ungratefulness to steal our dream and purpose of life that we had or we can choose to turn our frustration into gratefulness.

It will totally change our perspective. It opens up the possibility and awareness of the gifts we have and these gift offer numerous opportunities to uncover our dreams.

To start, practice thankfulness, not only for something amazing but also something that looks insignificant.

When we are thankful for the small things, our mind and our heart open to be thankful for the harder things.

When the thieves show up in our mind to steal our dream, we need to be armed with the gratitude.

"I expect people to be kinder to me" " I expect circumstances are better" "I don't expect this kind of disappointment" "I don't expect this kind of pain/loss"

When we entertain those thoughts, we become more and more ungrateful and the cycles continue.

Ungratefulness dull and sour our vision. But when we start to be grateful, we become more aware of the gift God gave to us. When we give thanks, we experience joy and the strength emerges. Realities suddenly become clearer.

Gratitude is definitely a much better option.

Keep Your Passion Alive

Limitations are everywhere.

As we are uncovering our dreams, we often asked ourselves, is this the fantasy I am going to make a reality, or is it actually possible? If it is possible, do I actually have what it takes? Am I good enough? Will I fail? If people look closely enough, will they see that I am not enough?

When I decided to move to Australia to do my further degree, I asked myself many times if this is possible given that I didn’t have enough saving to live there, let alone to pay for the tuition fees. What if I failed?

When I decided to pursue my dream to be a trainer, I was overwhelmed with the doubt if I was good enough to be one. What if people found out that I was afraid of public speaking and I can’t even speak English properly? Do I have what it takes?

And it’s the same doubt enter my mind when I decided to write a blog. It's my lifelong dream to be a writer. Now let me clarify, I never even write smoothly in my own native language, let alone in English.

What if I make so much grammar mistake? What if nobody want to read my writing? Do I have what it takes to be a writer?

But when I started to hit “PUBLISH”, the rest is the history.

A dream stealer enters in our pursuit of our dream when what is possible is camouflage among the real impossibilities we encounter.

When we see what looks to be impossible, we often begin to doubt not only the possibilities but also our abilities. We become uncertain of our value and significant.

We allow insignificance, inadequacies, and insufficiency into our story. But impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion.

So we must cling into our focus passion for keeping this thief from stealing our dream. Stay focus on the path in front of you and give your energy and attention to that.

Take Action

If there are five birds are sitting on a tree and four decide to fly off. 

How many are left? What’s your answer?
The answer is FIVE

Why? Because four “decided” to fly off. That’s all they did. The never take any action. There’s a big difference between deciding and doing.

What makes dreams into reality?

A dream is nothing without actions. Take action daily. If you don’t feel like doing it, then start small. No matter how small the action is, just do it. The small actions will build into the momentum. And it will turn into the result.

Dreamers who successfully uncovered their dream do not allow any thieves to steal, kill or destroy their dream.

They push forward despite any challenges. They find the right person to inspire them, to help them. They practice gratitude as their attitude in life, they are aware of their passion and keep their passion alive. And the most important thing is they take ACTION.

These are exactly what we will need to do.



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