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Why Life Is Better as A Mediocre

Why Life Is Better as A Mediocre

In our over-achieving society, being mediocre is extremely unpopular and in fact, you will feel guilty for not giving your best. You have been told you should do more, better, work harder, do things faster. There is endless litany about productivity, success and achievement. 

In fact, we have been brainwashed over many decades in our life to believe that we have to be number one, don't settle for less.

I grew up being convinced that being a high performer and over achiever will lead my life to be better and happier. And being adequate is not enough. I have to give my work an extra something to make it look better.

It’s all about the outcome, the RESULT!

I have also witnessed many high achiever careers comes with lonely relationship and marriage, smart and talented people with poor health due to lack of rest. A hypercompetitive individual who is depressed because they didn't win to be number one.

An anxious child who is worry and doubt about their capability when he/she is not getting the full mark. Tragically some of them choose to end their life because they think they have not done their best and fail to live up to their full potential. 

The Pleasure of Mediocre Life

As I lower the bar in my life I embrace many fabulous pleasures from this and loving it. I discover the pleasure of mediocre life is plenty even though it's often get lost in the pressure of success and winning. And here are the reasons:

You Are Healthier & Happier

You can rest more and more time to do your hobby. You spent the time to explore your passion. You resign from the commitment you are not passionate about. You read the book that you enjoy instead of solely to increase your productivity.

You get adequate sustained sleep, your mind is not racing the whole night about what you have not accomplished and how could you do it better instead. Your body will recover faster, cell to generate quicker, and you will end up healthier and happier.

You prefer to run 3 km than 10 km because you don't want to tear your knees in the process and it is enough for you to feel good and healthy. You take moderate diet instead of extreme one to loose weight so you won't give up in between. 

You are more relax and less anxious as you do not expect perfection in every part of your life. You enjoy having a right balance in life because others do not have high expectation on you as well. 

You Have Healthier Relationship at Work.

Everybody know how the 'overachiever' in the office make them feel like. They work late and come earliest to the office. They outperformed everyone at work.

The truth is your success or failures doesn’t really matter to everybody. Nobody really cares about your latest victory in your project, your win in the stock market, or the promotion you “earned”.

As a mediocre, you don't hurt anyone pride. Nobody worries about their job security because of your work performance. In fact, you are not threatening to anyone at all. You keep your relationship with colleagues in peace.

Although you take pride in your achievements, but you give yourself a break when you make mistakes. You avoid taking on more than you can handle and you stop trying to be perfect. You learn to ask for and accept help. 

You Have More Luck in Love

As a mediocre, you don't demand a perfection for a partner. You are open to possibilities before rule everyone out that doesn’t fulfill your wish list. You are content with the real relationship and not the fantasy you construct from your mind.

You don't play hard to get or trying too hard because it is a sign of desperation. Mutual respect developed without extreme dependencies to each other. And if the thing doesn’t work out, you move on easier.

You already know that you won't be a millionaire anyway, so you don't kill yourself working day and night in the office.  You make time to spend a cozy and lazy weekend with your friends or family.

You have Financial Stability

Living a life as a mediocre will save you a lot of money. You don't buy clothes or bag to impress. You don't need to drive the fanciest car or spent in the most expensive dining to socialized. You invest moderately because you are not desperate for the big win and huge gain. So, you enjoy the peace of mind and avoid the big loss that comes with it. You will be just happy with some 'extra' money that you got.

You Have Happier and Healthier Children

You don't stress your children out with their achievement before they come out from the womb. You don't send them to every tuition and best classes available for them.

You leave more time for them to play and enjoying their childhood. You don't push your children with 'achievement' campaign. There is a difference between encouragement and pressure.

Your children grow up knowing that they are enough. They have happier memories of childhood. Their parent has more relax time to spent and interact with them because they are not tired and stressed out.

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