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Help Spread a Little More Kindness.

Help Spread a Little More Kindness.

My daughter is so excited for Primary school. She practices to pack her bag and read every single textbook. She looks forward about meeting new friends and teachers.

I can’t steal her joy and I really hope no one steals it, either.

As she practice her handwriting and packed her lunch box I can't help but to have faith that she will meet kind teachers and friends who would love her dearly. And she does. 

We are so blessed because she meets very kind teacher who always look at her strengths instead of her shortcomings and compliment her. It means so much for her. Her confidence soar and she come home beaming and look forward to go to school everyday.

The teacher’s simple acts of kindness have a positive long-term impact on her. She overcome her anxiety to face new people and situations.

Compliments are wonderful and powerful. It gives us confidence and might even inspire us to greatness.

A 2008 study published in the journal Neuron found that giving someone a compliment activates the same reward center in the brain as paying him cash.

We all can look for occasion to say nice and kind words of compliment to others. But there are few occasions that I think we should really, really try to pay a compliment.

When you’re visiting a new mom

She might not feel sexiest when she is pregnant. But soon after she gave birth, she might miss her old body too. In the mids of her exhaustion and sleep deprivation, a sincere compliment could help to make her day rosier.

Tell her she’s doing a great job and she looks fantastic. Because given her overwhelmed circumstances after giving birth, she is and she does.

When you talk to your children’s teacher

Most of us parent, when we think a teacher is doing something wrong, we’re likely to speak up. But what about when a teacher is doing something right? It’s so often to let that slide without comment.

A teacher job is the most underpaid and under appreciate job. Take time to compliment the worthy teachers you encounter.

When you’re meeting a new baby

Being a parent is the proudest and most meaningful moment in their entire lives. And they are likely lack of sleep (and confidence, if its their first). So find something to compliment.

Little baby is adorable. Whether it’s the sweet little hand and feet or plump little leg will make a parent feel delightful.

When you greet the bride at her wedding

Please make sure you compliment a bride on her big day. She might have spent months if not a year to prepare for this wedding. She has been anticipating this occasion for months or years.

So please tell her how beautiful and gorgeous she looks and how wonderful everything is. Find something to comment on kindly and honestly.

Maybe its her hair that looks beautiful, her flowers. Or maybe that she just look so in love. It doesn’t matter how many times she heard that, she will still be thrilled to hear it again.

When your best friend has just been dumped or cheated on

Keep it to yourself if you feel compelled to criticized her ex or even a hint of “I told you” moment. Tell her what a hot, sexy catch she is. Take her out for girl’s night out and let her know how often she’s getting check out.

Someone is really having a bad day

Maybe she is being laid off, being dumped, or maybe she’s just feeling blue. Tell your friend how beautiful she is, tell your mom you love her, tell your co-worker she’s been doing a great job and how good her new dress looks on her.

Having us notice something about them and take the time to say it let people know that we’re thinking about them. And that itself is already a delightful compliment.

When you meet children

From the time, we are very young, sincere compliments can help to shape and encourage us. Children love to be praised by their parents, who are the most important people in their world.

Please say a kind words to every child we meet. Being praised by the grown up give children a sense of validation and self-worth.

Most of successful people point to a compliment received when they were young as a major factor in their achievement.

Please help to spread a little more kindness.

Not only is it a way to make others happy and boost their self-esteem, looking for positive things to say about people will help you keep an optimistic outlook on life.

If we just dedicated our lives to kindness, chances are high that today, you can make the world a better place - or you already have.

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