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10 Ways I am Rocking Motherhood

10 Ways I am Rocking Motherhood

Becoming a mother has a lot of adjustment in life. It is the emotional journey in the sheer of exhaustion. Sometimes I do wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t had a child. What are the things I could have if I had those extra hours, that extra determination, vision and focused energy?

Motherhood should be celebrated and we should allow our self to see it with a beautiful lens.

I am grateful to Hannah over at Lovely Little Lives for giving me this opportunity to participate in 10 Ways I'm Rocking Motherhood Challenge. Please read how she is rock here.

Here I am sharing it with you on 10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood.

#1 I fall in love with the blessed Angel

From the moment, she came into my life, I felt like I fell in love all over again every day. And the best part is, she loves me back. Well, perhaps she loves me much more than I love her.

I feel so fortunate. How on earth does God bless me with this treasure? She taught me life is about love and truly enjoy the beauty of life we are meant to know.

I feel lucky. I feel privileged.

#2 I constantly have "I can't believe" moment

I can't believe I had a baby, I can't believe I had a kindergartner, I can't believe she is going to primary school now, I can't believe she grow up so fast.

And although I hope it doesn't come too soon, but one day I will say I can't believe she is getting married, and I can't believe I am a grandma.

My heart burst with so much pride and happiness. 

#3 I lost myself at times, but I found my heart and my soul

I completely lost my mind when I was trying to figure out why she could wake up 15 times at night or why she cried for so long only to find out she was teething or she was having the growth spurt.

There are times I asked myself why am I giving up so much and going through so much in life. Just like everyone else, I went through life seeking comfort and avoiding growing pain at all cost because it hurts. When I become a mother, I have to go through it. And when I went through it, something magnificent growing in my soul.

I grew stronger. I grew wiser.

#4 I learn how to love with everything I have.

I rush out of the door without any makeup. I comb my daughter hair before I comb my own. I spend almost every saving I have to buy the diaper, my daughter clothes, shoes, books, etc. Every decision that I made has been around my child and my family.

Motherhood pushes me to the very end of myself and to give more even though sometimes I am fairly sure there is nothing left in me.

But one thing for sure, I find joy in giving and in the good that brings to her.

#5 I am building lives

I am definitely not perfect and many times I lost confidence on how to be the good one. But I also know that my work lays the foundation for my child.

And in my all attempt to be a good role model for her, I wish to soak up every last moment knowing that what I am doing is good but what she is becoming is even better.

#6 I discover more about God’s love.

It’s mind blowing sometimes when I think about how much I love my daughter, and realizing that God’s love for His children is infinitely deeper and purer.

I start to embrace God’s desire to see His children flourish in love and righteousness as I had mine too.

My prayer is that my daughter will someday know the love of God and experience God's love herself.

#7 I learn to love my husband more

Keeping romance was effortless when we can take a long walk until a late night like what we used to, go for a spontaneous trip, or going for fun dates anytime we want.

But having a child makes us relearn to love and care each other not only as wife now but also as a mother.

Date nights for our couple time is something we have to put so much effort to plan now. And that is also making sure we have to reach home certain time before she goes to sleep.

We work our issues out so that we can provide our daughter with a safe place for her to experience God’s love and learn how to love other people. Because in the love between husband and wife, it provides a glimpse of Christ’s passionate devotion to us as His bride.

#8 I learn the shortcut of happiness.

I have been offered the shortcut on what life is all about when some people search for whole life and never know. My heart grows tenfold ever since my daughter came into my life. Her sadness and joy magnify tens fold within me. Motherhood has taught me about compassion, understanding, and love

#9 I learn how to slow down

I used to be very impatient. But the baby doesn’t move fast I guess. Having a child definitely shifted my whole perspective. I learn to focus on what matters most because years fly right on past me.

I learn to slow down because these are the days I do not want to miss. Every little step of milestone is a celebration.

 #10 I am the luckiest woman on earth because someone calls me “Mommy”.

Motherhood has taught me to be the woman I am today. It was a hard lesson sometimes, but it also so worth it in the end.

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