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7 Things I Wished I Would Have Done Before I Got Married

7 Things I Wished I Would Have Done Before I Got Married

I don’t regret getting married. But there are times when I wish I would have done and accomplished more things when I was single.

But instead, I spent more time worrying whether I would ever meet the one. Wallowing in self-pity during Valentine’s day because it seems like everyone else has a date except me.

It seems like it’s everyone dream to get a great job, get married and have kids.

These are some of the things that I wish I could have done and it has nothing to do with getting married and having kids.

1. Create online business on the side

I was too busy working in the corporate world that I never make serious effort to create a sustainable online business. If I have done that, I don’t have to worry choosing if I should be a stay at home mom or stay working after I have a baby.

2. Write and publish a book

Telling a story and be part of a great story is my childhood dream. When I was single I had more personal time on my hand, and I wish I could enjoy this luxury by reading at least 100 books and start to hone my writing skills instead.

Writing is a powerful way of journaling and the skill is so useful that we can even use it to make a living.

3. Learn to cook delicious and healthy meal

It was so easy to eat out as a single, and it’s part of socializing with our circle of friends. I wish I would have learned this skill since I was single. Bake cakes, cook meals for friends, family, and even a stranger. I also wish I cook and bake for someone specials too.

4. Travel to at least 30 countries and make friend with at least one friend in each country that I visit

It’s not just about ticking the checklist on which country I have been to, but also make a good local friend in everywhere I go. My life could have been much different if I have done that.

5. Learn professional photography

I saw many of my guy friends learning to take DLSR camera and I have never thought of learning. I also thought that it’s expensive hobby and the camera is too heavy. 

After I have a child, I realize how useful it is to have this skill. I could have taken a lot more pictures that are worthy to keep. The memories are so precious and it could never come back.

If I have my camera on hand and the skill to use it, I could have snap beautiful moments anytime. I really wish I learn this skills years ago before I had a baby.

6. Learn selling skills

I never thought of doing sales, but this is one of the most useful skill to hone in your lifetime. It helps to shape your personality and overcome whatever fear we have in our self. We learn to pay attention and connect with people.

We learn to take our shoes off and step into potential client’s shoes. It is one of the most life skill that I should have to learn long before I get married.

7. Boost my financial stability

No doubt that I earn quite a decent income while I was working and had quite a substantial saving as well. But I wish I spent less on clothes, makeup, and all other non-necessity.

I should have saved and invested more to grow my money. Because once I have a family, the cost is huge to start a family. Particularly when you have children.

Having financial stability also make it easier to go with 1 income family should you decide to stay at home to look after kids.

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