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How We Save Money Every Day

How We Save Money Every Day

We are not just interested in spending less. We want a life that is pared down to what really matters.

More time spent with the loved one, leisure activities that engage body and mind than the wallet. Use our money wisely.

This is how we save money everyday.


1.     Research cheaper option for internet and phone line provider and switch the provider.

2.     Use Corporate Mobile Price Plans

3.     We use Mobile Share Supplementary Plan for me and my husband. Its only 1 bills for both of us to share.

4.     Ditch cable or satellite

5.     Review our insurance policies. Raise our deductibles where we can and reduce coverage where we are over-insured. Find the best car insurance. 




1.     Always apply for membership to wherever we go for grocery shopping to get the cash back or discount.

2.     Meal plan to make the most out of our grocery purchases. Know what you have on hand. I found meal planning save me the most on grocery shopping expenses. Freeze your left over to use in the soup or bone broth.

3.     Learn the prices of the ten items we always buy and only buy them at their lowest prices.

4.     Find out where the cheapest place to buy staples like milk, bread, rice, eggs, etc. is. It may not be at your grocery store!

5.     Stock up on items when they’re at their lowest prices. Buy enough to last several weeks.

6.     Look for dairy, meat, and produce products that are discounted because they are nearing their sell-by dates.



1.     We go to universities or polytechnic for meals. Some of them even have training restaurant and we can have our fine dining for celebration on special occasion at the fraction of cost.

2.     Use Groupon and any discounted coupons deals to find restaurant deals.

3.     Cook from scratch most of the days. Invest in a good slow cooker. It save you so much time and hassle. 

4.     We go out for lunch or brunch instead of dinner in the restaurant.

5.     Eat during discounted times or on discounted days.

6.     Skip the soda and tea. The mark up on drinks is insane. Ask for water instead.

7.   Plan potluck parties with friends and family instead of dining out. 

8.     We travel to Johor for our nice meals most of the time and that cut down our dining out fees to three time due to the currency differences.




1.      Search local papers and online for free concerts, plays, and events.

2.     Go to the movies on discounted days or times.

3.     Skip the expensive movie theater popcorn and candy. Swing by a dollar store beforehand for some snack.

4.     Visit museums because its free and they have many amazing activities

5.     Go for hiking or botanic garden tour to get back to the nature

6.     Borrow movies from the library instead

7.     Search Groupon for entertainment deals.

8.     Go to library to borrow books or activities

9.   Go to the beach, its free and fun for the family.

10.  Go to community swimming pools or friends apartment that has swimming pool.




1.     Buy only the essentials. Don't buy stuff to impress people. 

2.     Research banks which give the highest interest and freebies. We took the pain to change the banks whenever there is better offers for interest and freebies. We received many free vouchers from supermarket to department store vouchers when we sign up new account.

3.     Only apply credit card that gives the best cash back or freebies such as hotel stays, airport lounge, etc.

4.     Cancel those unused newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

5.     Unsubscribe from emails that tempt you to spent.

6.     Find the lowest gas prices and car services. We go to Johor usually for any car services as it was the cheapest.

7.     Find the cheapest hair stylist or cut your own hair.

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