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5 Things I Stop Doing That Improve My Life

5 Things I Stop Doing That Improve My Life

I Stop Following News

On my first date with one of the most charming and handsome guy, he asked me “ Did you watch news and discovery channels?”. I look at him and smiled calmly “Only when I need to impress people.” He ended up as my husband now.

Do I miss many things in this world? Perhaps. But growing up watching my dad follow every single news and headlines makes me realise that it can be quite depressing.

Giving up the time to read and watch that news give me more time to do other things which is more meaningful for me such as reading my favourite books, learning new skills or even just sometime to nap or meditate.

Or perhaps just more time to have morning exercise with my daughter.

I feel much better.

I Stop Giving Gift to My Husband

No, our marriage is not on the rock. I can’t remember when was the last time I gave my husband any present.


First, we don’t like to add any more stuff into our house. Before we relocated to UK for few years, we had to do spring cleaning like crazy. We realized we had too much things than we didn't really need. We promise ourselves that we will never buy any more stuff other than food and necessities.

Second, we share our bank account. I feel it really weird to take money from our bank account just to buy him something that he might not really need. We better save our money for early retirement or to spent for some experiences.

Third, with all of our flaws and gift we have give to each other every single day


My husband will still surprise me with some holiday on special occasion and I am so happy to spend our money for experience. It stays in our memory and we always look back again with fondness.

I Stop Giving Up the Need to Be Liked by Everyone

As I get older, I only keep very small circle of real people (I call it “My People”) whom I know will be there for me during ups and down. They are interested in what I have to say, what’s on my mind, what’s going on in my life.

It makes me happier when I only have to focus on “My People” and ignore those are not. “My People” help me to be more successful, supporting me in achieving my goals, and love and encourage me a long the journey of life, no matter what. These are the people I want to spent my time with.

I don’t need everyone’s approval anymore to feel okay about myself. I don’t need so much to be noticed and loved and caught up in worrying and obsessing about the people who don’t like me.

I feel enormous FREEDOM.

I Stop Trying To Be Perfect Parents, Wife, Daughter or Sister

I just want to be ME.

I Stop Doing Things That I Hate

Over the years, I have learned that there isn’t a job that you can’t lose, a friend who will not leave, money that can’t be lost or treasures that can’t be destroyed. So, I might as well do what I love and live my own best life.

I ask myself if I knew I had only 6 months to live, how would I be living it?

It brings back into perspective and do what is REALLY IMPORTANT in my life.

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