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My 7 Days Happiness Plan

My 7 Days Happiness Plan

No, I am not talking about moving to overseas. It is more doable plan in one week if you want to get happy fast.


Day 1

Eat Four Serve of Vegetables and Five Serve of Fruits Today

According to the study from University of Queensland, these combination and quantity made people (especially women) happiest. It’s because complex carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables increase the levels of serotonin in the brain. In addition, flavonols and omega-3 fatty acids in these foods also contribute to the mood boosting nutrient.


Day 2

Listen to Some Happy Music

It works instantly to get happier fix. But you must remember that you choose that particular music because you want to improve your mood.  And if you listen to the happy music while you are exercising, not only it will improve your mood but you will also work out longer.  Here is one of our family happy music from the movie “Troll”


My daughter loves the songs in the movie and remember the lyrics from all the songs easily. She is 6 years old J. It is one of the best animated movie we have watches so far as a family. It brings so much happiness for our family.

Day 3


The bonus point is our brain will perform better too. The same study found that mid-workday workout increase productivity and time management skills, plus improved communication between colleagues. How wonderful is that if your office is near the gym or exercise activities so that you can do it during lunch break.

One of a friend I know quite an exercise fanatic and she loves to go to the gym after work. Believe me, she looks at least 10 years younger than her age. I can only make it as a New Year resolution to make effort to exercise more often like her.

Our family love to swim together. It is healthy exercise and the bonus point is this is our happy family bonding time. My little girl will sometime have playdate with her friend to swim together.


Day 4

Watch a Theater

I can only count with my fingers how many times I watch theatre play. But each time I bought the tickets, even the feeling of looking forward to watch the performance immediately shoot up my happy feeling. 

Get the ticket for free is definitely bigger boost happiness.  Did I mention my husband just won 2 theater tickets from Citibank lucky draw? 

Day 5

Go for a Short Week End Vacation or Stay-cation

Sasha favorite holiday - themepark. Legoland (Malaysia) and Universal Studio Singapore

Sasha favorite holiday - themepark. Legoland (Malaysia) and Universal Studio Singapore

We live in a tiny island of Singapore. So go for short vacation to neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand for a short week end is quite possible. My family love to go to Johor Bahru (Malaysia) which is only half an hour drive away from our home (if no heavy traffic jam) or Batam (Indonesia).

Week end in resort - Indonesia

Week end in resort - Indonesia

We rent nice apartment from airbnb which is really cheap. It cost us about $50 for airbnb or $100 for 5 star hotel for a week end holiday. The feeling of looking forward to the short vacation is really joyful.


Day 6

Get Together with Family or Friends

Sometimes just a get together with your family and friends or a community we are in is already an instant happiness for us. According to Harvard study of Adult Development for 75 years, it turn out that good relationship keep us happier and healthier. PERIOD. Not wealth, not fame or working harder and harder.

Surprise?  It turn out that people who are more socially connected to family, to friends, to community, are happier. They are physically healthier and live longer.  So put more effort into your marriage relationship, family relationship, involve in the community. And did I mention I am going for holiday to visit my parent with my daughter and my sister? Yeah..I know my dad is so looking forward to our visit, he called us often and I can feel his excitement even from his voice over the phone. Happiness is inside all of us. 


Day 7

Do Some Volunteer Work

It tried and tested mood booster: people who do it feel more satisfied with their lives and cut their depression risk. Find a cause you feel passionate about, rather than doing something just because you are trying to boost your health. Do all things with LOVE. 

Teaching in the school at Cambodia and some volunteer work in Singapore

Teaching in the school at Cambodia and some volunteer work in Singapore

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