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8 Lazy Ways to Stay Healthy

8 Lazy Ways to Stay Healthy

I am actually quite healthy person. But honestly I am lazy when it comes to a lot of healthy regimes. Here is some of my lazy way to maintain my health. It works quite well, as I never take doctor’s medication for the last 10 years.

1.     Drink Water.

Best still drink lemon water throughout the day. That’s the easiest way to maintain our body alkaline system. Lemon’s citric acid enhances your body’s ability to naturally fush toxins from your body. Drinking lemon water has also been proven to aid in digestion.

2.     Drink Tumeric Milk.

I started turmeric milk because I had really bad cough. I tried all kind of home remedy but it didn’t works. I even had ear infection due to really bad cough. After drank turmeric milk for 3 days, my cough disappear completely.



Tumeric is super potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It helps to regulate liver detoxification, balance hormones and filter any unhealthy toxins we’ve indigested. Try to put a spoon of turmeric powder on water or milk, with a dash of lemon juice. Your body will thank you for this.

3.     Sleep More.

Its easy to say. But I can tell you most of my friends would rather look at their hand phone and laptop than to sleep early. We never feel that we had enough time. Particularly if we have newborn, sleep is really a luxury. But try your best to sleep early, and nap in the afternoon if possible. It’s the most powerful way to help your body heal and well.

4.     Eat Real Food, No Dieting.

This is my biggest motivation to learn cooking. Shop and cook healthy food, and be especially careful not to eat more salt than is recommended (no more than 6g per day, or about a teaspoon). Most of the processed food has too high salt on it. So avoid them as much as you could.   

5.     Go for Body Massage.

It’s the easiest way to detox your body. Going to spa is really a luxury for me, especially if you live in the most expensive country like Singapore. But we are lucky as we can go across the border to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Massage in Malaysia is much cheaper and very affordable.

If not, I would asked my husband to give me some body massage. Hmmm....

6.     Make Home Made Bone Broth.

I can’t tell you enough the benefit of bone –broth. It boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve digestion and heal the gut. High in vitamin and mineral. Improve skin and hair. Best collagen for the skin.

To make it is actually very easy. Just use the biggest, heaviest slow cooker you’ve got, fill it up with your bones. Add enough water to cover and bring to boil for 1-2 days.

 7. Cut Sugar from Food and Drink.

Its very easy for me. I avoid cakes and sweet drinks. I am not a big fans of dessert since childhood. So it didn’t take too much effort for me. I will still take the drinks once a while. But once you don’t take much sugar for a long time, you taste bud will get used to it. And even just a little bit of sugar will taste too sweet for you.

8.     Finally, Don’t Push Too Hard.

Make sure you are not pushing yourself to the extremes. I know among my friends some of them really had rigid and obsessive attitude to diet and exercise. From outside it might looks healthy, but being overly controlling about food does far more harm to the body than eating normally and exercising moderately. Remember that sometime, less is more. Take your time to smell the roses :-)

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