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5 Life Changing Skills That I Learn in Less Than 3 Months

5 Life Changing Skills That I Learn in Less Than 3 Months

I am life-long learner. I really love learning new things (my husband think I am addicted to learning). It is not just about learning new skills to change or upgrade my career, but I am longing to learn life changing skills. When I said life-changing, I mean something that can have major and positive impact in my life moving forward.

In this article, I will share with you 5 life-changing skills that I learn in less than 3 months, where do I learn them and how do I get started.

Public Speaking

I started to get interested with public speaking when I attend one of a life changing training. I admired my trainer so much because he definitely make so much impact and difference in my life that I decided someday I am going to be like him.

The only problem that I have is English is not my first language. In fact, English is my third language. And I have never done public speaking before that I thought I might going to die when I have to do my presentation on my assignment.

I started learning public speaking by watching many great public speaker online or in the video. I went to video rental to rent some online course on how to be a public speaker. Then I sign up to Toastmaster International group, not just one group but three different groups. To conquer my fear I even signed up for speech competition on national level. I also attended the training on how to become effective trainer and earn Trainer accreditation. Needless to say, I master this skill and become professional speaker in less than 3 months.

Video Editing

It all started when we plan for our wedding. We were desperate to save money because we plan to quit our job after our wedding and move to England for my husband further study. So I decided to make my own wedding montage with zero cost. It took me a while to figure out video editing by myself as I didn’t take any course. I just play with it every night. I started learning with free software. Then my husband got me a birthday gift a video editing software Pinnacle since he knew how passionate I was learning it. I only use its instruction manual to learn the software.

Here was the wedding montage that I made for our wedding. It was amateur but I was so happy with it.

Our childhood montage


Wedding montage:


It is really life skills because I can still use it until now to edit any video or photo montage.


I actually started blogging many years back. I was using free platform from wordpress and blogspot. I blog because I want to share what I see, what I think and it helps me learn new things. There are many technicality of blogging that I learn during blogging. From how to learn think clearer and generate ideas to learn reflect deeply about my life, my relationship and society. Writing doesn’t comes naturally for me. It requires alot of discipline against the urge of distraction. And I realise that the more I write the better I become. It built my confidence because usually I am very private person. Blogging helps me to voice my opinion, dare to be wrong and not afraid of making mistake.

And I realise another value of blogging when one of my blog was noticed by a brand. The brand contacted me if we can collaborate together to promote their new product launch. I was living in UK at that time, and was too busy take care my toddler that I almost forgotten all about blogging.

It is a life skills that I would love to teach my child to learn someday. There are so many aspect of blogging that we can learn. The technical stuff from choosing the platform, setting up essentials such as domain and hosting to designed the template. I also learn about how to write a good content, and how to work with brand to monetise the blog.

Because of blogging, I push myself to learn other new essential skills for blogging which is...


I had always had a passion for photography, but really had no idea how to use my camera off the Auto setting. I took photos with my hand phone all the time. I absolutely had no clue how to use DLSR camera until my brother lend me one of his old Nikon camera D3100 to use. I struggle to learn how to use Nikon and borrow plenty of books from the local library to figure out how to use it.

Most of my friends think it’s too much effort and I would definitely give it up. Furthermore DLSR is heavy and not handy. Perhaps the only person that I can count on his support and believe in me is my husband. He even surprise me for my birthday gift a new Canon that I have always dream of.

How do I start to learn? I sign up for free trial at Lynda.com for 10 days and I spent the entire 10 days to figure out how to use the camera and how to take a good photograph. I am so grateful there is free trial platform like this that helped me to improve my skills in such a short time.

Here is my before and after photos.

Pretty impressive for a beginner like me right


I never had confidence that I can cook. I though since it was not my strength I was satisfied to just eat out most of the time. But things change after I had a baby. When she started to eat solid, I had no idea what to cook for her. I tried to cook porridge and she refused to eat it. Then I realise she ate a lot when I bought the food from outside.

I was so dishearten. I remembered put her in the stroller and walk to the nearest supermarket to pick up any cookbook available and ingredient for cooking. I had not much time to learn as my baby need to eat healthy home cooked food.

I learn cooking from cook book, youtube and online recipes. Thank God for so many food blog out there who really helped to expedite my new found skill. Now I can proudly say that I cook our lunch and dinner most of the time.

No fancy photo, no fancy cooking - just a simple healthy cooking that I made for my family. I am not a hugely enthusiastic cook but when I serve up bowls of steaming dish and home-made soup full of goodness and wholesomeness, I feel - just for a moment - like a truly great mom.

 This is definitely the most life changing skills I have ever learnt in my whole life.

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