Hello, my name is Anna.

I am a lifestyle blogger live in sunny island of Singapore. In my previous life I was a Corporate junkie. I am always on a mission to find ways to make life easier, simpler, better, bigger, heartier and more meaningful. I am happy go lucky girl and some people mistaken it that I am lazy. But I am just in search for simplicity and meaningful life. 

I believe in DREAMS. I believe we owe it to our self to make our dreams come true. Because of that our life quite colorful, you can read about our experience living in UK, travelling across Europe and Australia.

I have a simple family. To us, “simple living” means having a choice to live with our life’s purposes.  This means our simple life can look a million different ways, and we love that. 

I create this blog because I wanted to catalog our discoveries about how our life looks like when we pursue our simple dreams, simplify everything in our life, from declutter to parenting to finances to relationships and health. But you'll find a lot of reflections in this blog too.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places and new phases in life, and be a simpler and better person as we journey this together. Feel free to leave a comment of follow me on social media! Or email me at onelazychic@gmail.com